La metodologia finlandesa aterra en Florida Secundària

Del 23 al 30 de març s’ha portat a terme la primera part de l’intercanvi amb l’escola Luostarivuoren koulu de Turku (Finlàndia). Durant estos dies hem gaudint d’una experiència molt enriquidora, tant a nivell escolar com cultural. L’alumnat finès ha participat en les nostres classes i també estan coneixent el nostre entorn, la nostra cultura i maneres de fer. Uns i altres estem adonant-nos de les similituds i diferències entre totes dues cultures.

Els intercanvis suposen una magnífica oportunitat per obrir-nos al món i, d’esta manera, eixir de la nostra “closca” durant uns dies. Experiències de vida que ens ensenyen, veritablement, la diversitat que ens envolta. Ara ja comencem a planificar la segona part, en maig, a Finlàndia. Let’s exchange!!!

Ací teniu algunes reflexions de l’alumnat finès…

The Shy Little Finn in Spain
When we arrived we were suprised how much Spanish people talk and yell. They are noisy and loud. They also gave us a lot of cheek kisses and we did not see that coming. The parents were really chill and they let their children to be out very late. We thought that people in Spain eat like two times a day but that was not true.

If I had to live here in Spain forever, I would miss sauna, forests, calm places, silence, own space, loneliess and snow. But I would not miss studying Swedish, because we have to study that in Finland. Also I would not miss the coldness, because I love summer and warm weather. I don’t like ice skating so I wouldn’t miss that.

Spanish people are always smiling and laughing and having fun. People here in Finland are not that happy all the time and we are really shy. I think Spanish people like to be more free and they party a lot.

We have more breaks, but they are shorter than here. Here people hang out in big groups but in Finland we are with smaller groups and we don’t talk to strangers that much. The whole shcool here is really loud. Here in Spain in the English shcool books there are only text in Enghlis but in Finland we have also Finnish in our English books. In crafts class or music class here are less materials and instruments.

We liked how the Spanish people took us and we felt really welcome. This experience has been really interesting and we have seen and learned a lot in just a few days.

lli and Ruusa.

Finnish people in Spain
We have been in Spain for two days now. Surprising aspects have been that the Spanish people walk indoors with shoes and that they eat a lot and they have very big and beautiful statues and monuments. Spanish people also have very big meals late in the night. Their houses are really clean and the floors are made out of smooth stone.

Some of us thought that Spanish people don’t eat anything in the morning and some of us tought that they eat very much in the mornings. In reality they eat maybe a donut or a muffin and drink hot chocolate or something else.

If we had to live in Spain we would miss the silence, maybe the snow, our favorite finnish foods and the traffic in Finland. Also the finnish summer is nice, it’s not too hot and usually not too cold either.

The Spanish people are very loud but it isn’t a problem most of the time. They are also very social and that is nice because Finnish people don’t speak a lot. They are also very friendly to everybody!
In Florida Secundaria the class rooms are bigger and some of them are maybe a little bit nicer looking than in Finland. The Florida Secundaria building is very clolourful and in Finland our school building is very boring.

The experience has been very nice! They are so friendly towards us and the experiences we have had so far have been amazing.

Saimi and Heinae